Monday, November 17, 2008

music i like, pt. 1

So one thing I'd like to do with this blog is express my views various expressions of art such as music, movies, books, etc. in order to inform my friends about stuff they should be exposing themselves to and also to demonstrate my superior indie/artsy-ness by discussing cool, obscure bands and movies and books that make me seem smart. OK not really, but I do like talking about this kind of stuff - especially music - and I think that by discussing it, it will give me a greater appreciation for it and also will allow me to receive feedback/suggestions for other stuff that might be similar to what I'm currently listening to. So if you have cool stuff, holla at me and let me know, and then I'll be the judge of whether its really cool or not. :)

[Speaking of cool stuff, that new Kanye joint "Love Lockdown" is really good. The dude's crazy and I'm really disappointed by the way he represents his "Christian faith", but the man knows how to make music and "Love Lockdown" is a jam. Its completely different from his usual stuff and it feels different from what other people are doing too, and I resepect that. It just straight up catchy and that African drum beat that comes in and out is awesome. Check it out.]

So the band I wanted to start this thing off with is House of Heroes. They just released their second album, entitled The End is Not the End. Now, I don't own this one, (i'm on a strict music diet currently - its called the "No CDs until you have a job" plan, but i do have their first one Say No More). Anyway, I like them because they are different. When I listed to their stuff, they do things that are not the normal. You expect songs to follow a certain pattern, and these guys seem to bust that pattern and do something 2x sweeter. Take for example their first single off of The End is Not the End, "In The Valley of the Dying Son", this song goes all over the place from catchy pop-rock, to trippy electronica, to bumping dance beat, to space opera, to rock your socks off.

In The Valley Of The Dying Sun from gotee on Vimeo.

Another song of theirs to check out is "Buckets for Bullet Wounds". Its on their MySpace site and its off their first CD. I love the change in tempos and homeboy has a killer voice - that scream after the bridge is sick!


Andrew said...

you can't give props to kanye, then say that you are starting things off with house of heros. you already started it. kanye will officially go down as the first musician/band pubbed on your blog.

Brian T. said...

i was going to argue that point, but i thought about what to say and i have nothing. you're right and i will now edit my posting.